National Recovery Month Activities – Juneau Alaska

Great Bear Recovery Collective

Great Bear Recovery Collective


“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”                                           ~Maya Angelou


Great Bear Recovery Collective is a network of people in recovery in Juneau, Alaska who want to make a change in our community. In our city drug and alcohol use running out of control. Together we seek to provide an intelligent response to this crisis. We have lived experience, and we recognize what the path to recovery takes. It takes compassion and understanding. Therefore by using these tools, we can help someone succeed in their fight against substance use disorder.

Why it Works

People in recovery need to learn how to have fun again. Boredom can be a recovery killer. That’s why it is important to engage in healthy pleasures and experiences. Because practicing activities that help our minds find balance might make the difference between the road to recovery or the road to continued relapse.


About Great Bear Recovery Collective

What is Great Bear Recovery Collective?

Mission Statement:

Great Bear Recovery Collective aspires to provide meaningful support to community members in Juneau, Alaska who fall within the substance use continuum. We seek to cultivate a thriving fellowship of people in recovery who have gained a life of meaning and purpose and wish to share it back.

Who We Are:

Our Recovery Community Organization is governed by a board of people in long-term recovery from substance use disorder. We are a collective of people who have a passion for life.  Because we have personally seen what a life of recovery means, we want to support others in their pursuit of freedom from addiction.

Our Vision:

We aim to build a sober and supportive community. Therefore, our scope of action includes creating a clean and sober environment for people struggling with addiction. Our mission is to teach people to have fun again in a healthy way, by offering regular sober activities and events.  In addition, by providing peer support and mutual support groups, we hope to help people’s lives become more enriched. As a result, we believe people in recovery can find a way to bring brain, body, and heart back into balance. Thus allowing them the chance at a new way of life. Ultimately, we plan to build a Recovery Community Center someday. Then we can provide our services and hold a safe and sober space for those struggling with substance use.

Events Calendar


We are always planning new things, so check back regularly for new activities and events!


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Why donate to Great Bear Recovery Collective?

  • You want to help Juneau be a healthy and thriving community
  • It’s a tax write-off
  • You’re just an awesome person

Where does your donation go?

  • Peer Support services for people struggling with substance use
  • Sober activities and events within the recovery community
  • Our effort to someday have a Recovery Community Center

What should you donate?

  • Money
  • Gift certificates
  • Tour vouchers
  • Event tickets
  • Stuff that people might buy at an auction
  • If you’re amazing you could donate property and/or a building!

To donate to the Great Bear Recovery Collective mail a check to:

JAMHI Health & Wellness
3406 Glacier Hwy.
Juneau, AK 99801

In the check’s memo be sure to note that it is a donation for 

“Great Bear Recovery Collective”

 Or go to our GoFundMe page and donate to help us meet our $10,000 goal.
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