About Great Bear Recovery Collective

What is Great Bear Recovery Collective?

Mission Statement:

Great Bear Recovery Collective aspires to provide meaningful support to community members in Juneau, Alaska who fall within the substance use continuum. We seek to cultivate a thriving fellowship of people in recovery who have gained a life of meaning and purpose and wish to share it back.

Who We Are:

Our Recovery Community Organization is governed by a board of people in long-term recovery from substance use disorder. We are a collective of people who have a passion for life.  Because we have personally seen what a life of recovery means, we want to support others in their pursuit of freedom from addiction.

Our Vision:

We aim to build a sober and supportive community. Therefore, our scope of action includes creating a clean and sober environment for people struggling with addiction. Our mission is to teach people to have fun again in a healthy way, by offering regular sober activities and events.  In addition, by providing peer support and mutual support groups, we hope to help people’s lives become more enriched. As a result, we believe people in recovery can find a way to bring brain, body, and heart back into balance. Thus allowing them the chance at a new way of life. Ultimately, we plan to build a Recovery Community Center someday. Then we can provide our services and hold a safe and sober space for those struggling with substance use.